Printing on Cellophane

From the drawings and repeat patterns I created last week I took these further and put them onto a screen to create a repeat pattern that I could potentially use for my gift roll. To begin this I used cellophane as an alternative to a paper wrap and I loved it, I loved working with this material and knew from the second I printed it I knew that this would be part of a collection.

However the problems I faced today printing with cellophane was the amount of pigment that came through the screen, at times the pigment would leak into the design if I had applied too much, especially with the bee print. This is defiantly something I need to consider if I want this to act as my gift roll because their needs to consistency throughout

img_3485 Here is the a picture of the print I created today   it was nice to see how it has come along from one initial drawing off into a repeat pattern. As this is a simple repeat pattern with a clear background, I have considered layers, and layering patterns over one another to include a background.

When designing this print, I first started to use my oil pastel to keep within the same style but found that the smaller bees didn’t work as well with the style, so I resorted to using a thick fine liner to create the style and I am glad I took this path because I think it has worked better in the long run and has worked better on a screen.

Below in the second image, I have started to include a background the bee print and found quickly that I did not like this style, when I look at this all I can see is a table cloth for a kids party and this is defiantly not the style I wish to create for this project so unfortunately this design idea will not be going any further.


After experimenting with the bees and incorporating layers, I went back to the marks I made at the beginning of the project and started to print them onto cellophane and I loved it, the colours seemed to give so much more on the cellophane paper and just knew that it was this that was going to make into to the collection, I’m not entirely sure if this will be the gift roll itself or just an extra that is part of the collection.

As mentioned in this post that perhaps I could create layers, so it could give the wrap design more to say rather than a dull, clear background. In the above picture I have began to overlay two designs together and I rather liked the outcome. The only problem I face with combining and layering the designs together is that once printed they do leave a slight sticky feel and because of this it can peel the design off the other design, however the other sides are smooth because the cellophane is transparent you can see the design on the other side, so because of this I have thought about sticking two sides together to avoid this from happening and I have created a layer within itself. This has also led me to the idea of having a double sided gift roll, something I will explore within the next few days. My current idea is to have a design on one side and on the opposite I will use some of the marks I created at the beginning some shown in this post.


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