Design development

Since the last visit with Sarah she had mentioned that I needed to combine the element of the 80s with my ‘save the bees’ theme and completely agreed with the comment. As I have been experimenting and beginning to bring the bees in to my project I am beginning to worry that perhaps I am distancing myself from the original idea with the poppies and the wildflowers, as this is what I wanted to get out there onto my wrap and card, I wanted people to visually see that wildflowers attract the bees and by doing this you will be saving the bees and I would of created that through my use of designing.

I have very much been focusing on different elements of the bees such as the honeycomb and wing itself, I do want to incorporate the element of the flowers because this  does have the connection with the bees and my idea of visually raising more awareness. So at the moment my ideas of including this element is by incorporating it into my card design with my overall style of the oil pastel. In my  sketchbook I will draw and sketch out design ideas and take the ones I like most forward into my trend board and final card.

Finally now, I feel I am at on OK pace and I am in the position to create prototypes and think about the end product where as last week, the idea of creating a gift bag or card completely frightened me. Now it is about ensuring that I get message across about the bees and that I can include all aspects of this through my gift wrap collection in a sophisticated stylish way.


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