Going back to basics

Now I feel as if I am finally back on track with my designing and ideas, today I decided to go back to basics in making patterns, using nothing but light, pencils, graph paper and tracing paper to create a pattern with the help of Helen. Today was a good day learning about how to create a pattern using tracing paper, I felt it put everything into perspective and made designing patterns so much more clearer in my mind and as soon as I started to do it myself it clicked and worked.

So considering the bees are the focal point of my project it made sense that I used some element of this to create my pattern, this was only a trial to see if it worked, but found that I actually really liked it and could see it as a continuous repeat pattern, then began to think about the potential outcomes with this and how I could place this within my gift wrap collection as the gift wrap roll.

Above are the stages I went through in creating my be design, the final picture, is a photograph of the design in its final stages, all I was doing here was simple tracing my repeat on to cartridge paper to later paint, draw better in more detail.

However the problems I did face with this was the measurements, I couldn’t get my head round the measurements that I would need to draw in if I was to put my repeat onto paper smaller than A2. At first I said I would just photocopy it to then scale down smaller to perhaps A4 or A3 but unfortunately the biggest photocopier we had was A3, but then it clicked as my design was already a repeat I could just half it and it would still work as a repeat. So that was that problem resolved.

The other problem that I faced during this, was time, It was very time consuming and does take a long time to get to the stage you want to be at and couldn’t help think I can do this on photoshop,  but none the less it was a great task for me in getting my head around a repeat pattern and in actual fact I think I enjoyed it more, I like being hands on and designing, Photoshop can take that away sometimes, but I will always value Photoshop in helping me with quick ideas and developing those ideas on to a laptop screen quickly.

Because I  rather liked this repeat and could see where it was going, I have since taken the design further onto a screen and will experiment screen printing on to a range of papers and fabrics on Monday.


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