Back on track

After a week of dread, no motivation and worry, I finally now feel back on track (well for now at least) and I beginning to get myself excited for the next step now that I can see something coming along in project. My tutorials with both Helen and Keireine have helped me hugely in helping me focus on one thing at a time and I will try my hardest to keep this up so I don’t get myself overwhelmed.

I have began to pull together some gift wrap roll samples together, which I will also continue to experiment with using flock/foils and experiment with the matt vs shiny effect as previously spoken about in other tutorials. I am yet to come up with the design for my gift wrap sheet, however this is all work in progress, I have come up with a potential design, but I it needs to be worked and developed, as spoken with Kiereine today, because of my colour palette there needs to be an element of monotone so the two can connect without the whole gift wrap collection without being so over powering. I could not agree more from the beginning of this project I have been slightly concerned with the colour palette and agree that the monotone effect will help break up the bright intense colour and will consider this when designing my gift wrap sheet.

So far, at this moment in time I seem to have taken on the honeycomb pattern very strongly and have now considered to use the shape as my gift bag design, I am keen to experiment and prototype with this idea alongside the designing of my gift wrap sheet, so that my gift wrap sheet can influence the design incorporated on the bag.

Also with the designing of this collection I also do not want there to be an overload of geometric honeycomb repeated multiple times, although my colour scheme and theme is fun and bold, I do still want there to be a sophisticated, luxury style that runs throughout my gift wrap collection. I will keep on designing and experimenting with all of this mind.



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