Designing digitally

As I am slightly coming to terms with this project I have recently been using photoshop to help me with designing, I have found that photoshop is a quick way of repeating and layering my designs to eventually found something that I like. However through using photoshop I have quickly found that I don’t always perhaps get the colour I see on screen or always get the colour once it has been scanned in and I’m beginning to find myself moving away from my colour palette and using simply just black and white which at times I do like however I for this project it is essential I work with my colour palette, one because it corresponds with my theme and two because I want too, I want my gift wrap collection to really pop and be fun.

So after endless amounts of trying to get the correct colour of my designs, I decided to just colour my design in and over the with the oil pastels I have been using through out my project. I have found that this has worked better and it is adding the colour back into my project that I was struggling to include in through the use of photoshop and actually I have found that this works really well, I really like the combination of the textures created and amended on photoshop as well as the textures created directly through oil pastels. I am now beginning to imagine some of my designs as a gift roll and to some extent starting to feel some releif. Now I have managed to find a way of including my colour I will continue experimenting with the size and scale of the designs and will also try to scan in the designs I have coloured over and see if the colour will distort in anyway.

The designing of the gift sheet, is slightly throwing me off track, I am finding this harder than I thought, at the beginning I did not necessarily realise there was a difference between the two. I thought as long as the two co ordinated it was all ok, this is not this case and is rattling my brain more than I thought it would. However from the designs I have already created tomorrow I will experiment taking elements of the repeat and breaking it up slightly so that the two will still coordinate but you will be able to recognise the difference of the sheet and roll.


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