Finding a style

In my sketchbook I have been experimenting with different ways of drawing and mark making and through my experimentation I have found a style that I believe works well and I thinks work for my theme. With the experimentation of fine liner, water colour and pencil I have found I particularly like working with oil pastel, I like the very own textures they create themselves. Now I have found a style that I like I will continue to take this further into development, by taking my drawings into PS and illustrator, I will begin to play around with creating patterns that I can use for my gift wrap. This is where I will also begin to play around more with scale and sizing.

Some of these drawings I have already experimented with by putting them onto screens and have created patterns, I liked the outcome of them so it only made sense to continue to experiment in this style. As mentioned I need to combine the bee theme with my 80s approach, I now feel that is coming to life now with my drawings and through the use of oil pastel which is great because it is a median I never thought I would find myself using. I hope that from my drawings I can begin to produce some fun and exciting patterns that I feel are good enough for a gift wrap collection and from now on I hope I will remain calm and climb in the design process without feeling overwhelmed.


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