Tutorial – HW

Yesterday was tutorial day and I had my tutorial with Helen, I felt the tutorial was very good in helping me think and pulled me back into thinking about what it is I have to do and create. Helen had mentioned to experiment using matt and shiny foils which is something I am very keen to do, I like the idea of combing both shiny and matt effects and will be something I will be experimenting with in the very near future.

It was also noted that I should amend the age for my target audience and I couldn’t agree more, I think naturally I am designing for a younger market because that is what I am surrounded by, so instead of my age of 35-50 my age range will be 25+, I think this is perhaps a more achievable age market from my project.

From the previous short presentation with Sarah and Irene It was said that I hadn’t combined the 80s and the bee theme together, since that presentation I have started to combine both of them together. I very much look forward to experimenting with shiny and matt foils on the bees as a combination but I do need to consider scale, as for a gift wrap collection this is a very important in order for the design to work, especially if they are going to be altered in any shape or form.


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