Screen print nightmare

It is coming to that point in the project where I am beginning to struggle and order my mind, I am finding it hard to keep up with my thought process, I find that I like what I am doing with one thing and then think of another idea of something I like to then find because I can’t keep up physically with my ideas, my mind is becoming one big fuzzy mess. It just seems that I am trying to keep up with all these ideas to see what one works best but finding that the print or design doesn’t work as well and I think this is coming down too not having a balance and taking things step by step, so from this day onwards I am going to create myself a detailed timetable, this way I will be able to pull myself back in if I get too ahead of myself. Because it is when I am getting too ahead of myself that things don’t seem to work as well and I often begin to feel disheartened by it all.

Today I experimented printing with my screen, using the designs of honeycomb that I had drawn and taken from my sketchbook. I was really excited to experiment with these to see if they would come out like I had visualised in my mind, however, unfortunately not all of the prints worked as well, the lines were not as transparent as I would of wanted which meant that in my design the lines were broken and cracked. So this is going to have to be something I will have to try again until it works because I am keen for it to work. I feel that a potential reason this may be happening is from when I coat my screen, the screen may be too thick which means the drawing does not expose as well. When I come to do this again I will make sure that there is an even thin layer on.

When experimenting with my designs today I also experimented using Tyvek paper. I wanted to experiment using Tyvek paper as this has a connection with my bee theme, a bee keepers suit is made from Tyvek and I thought this would be a subtle element with that I could use. I really liked how the designs worked on the Tyvek paper and I will continue to experiment more with different patterns and designs onto the paper for the end product.

Today was an unsuccessful day in terms of getting a range of prints done, it didn’t necessarily turn out the way I had hoped and will have to re do my screens again, it almost seems I make a screen just to strip the screen the next day. Nonetheless I will spend my weekend coming up with a detailed plan and will continue to design.  I will also research into different types of papers I can print onto that will give an overall effect to my gift wrap collection.


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