Project amendments

As I begin the research into this project I found that I wanted to create my gift wrap collection specifically for mothers day, as I thought this would be a nice idea with the combination of the seeds and giving something else within a card, wrap or tag. Also from my research on WGSN I found a ‘kidults’ theme for mothers day which I found enjoyed and felt inspired by, then decided that this was what I defiantly wanted to create, designs with a fun, mark making overall effect with an 80s block colour overall theme.

However as time as gone on I have realised that perhaps this market is not what I want to directly appeal too, of course it would be great if that area would pay an interest but as a general area, I want to apply to the larger market, a gift wrap collection for all year round, birthdays, mothers day etc. I also found that with a mothers day collection my age range would have to be somewhere in the middle, so i can appeal to both older parents and younger parents and also appeal to their children so they would want to buy this collection for their mothers and found it hard to find a middle ground because naturally I was designing younger, because this is me, I am young, I am inspired by other things that  subconsciously take place within my work. So because of this, my age range has been amended to 25+ and have changed the mother days theme to an all year round gift wrap collection.

I now feel more confident in taking this project forward and more confident and comfortable that I can appeal to my target age.


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