Paper Making

From the beginning of  this project I knew I wanted to incorporate wild flower seeds into my project one way or another and the first way I wanted to begin experimenting with this was to try adding seeds to paper and that revolved around making my own paper.

So as I have never done paper making before I booked myself in for a paper making workshop with Tom. After an hour or so of learning the ways of making paper, I begin to crack and experiment with adding things to the paper pulp. When adding seeds, flowers etc to the paper pulp this in theory is supposed to imbed into the paper and remain.

First of all I started experimenting with seeds, I was at first a little apprehensive about pouring all my seeds into the paper pulp because I was unsure about the ratio of seeds to water, however after having a chat with tom about this It had said I may be able to pour them over the top and coat just a thing layer of paper pulp over the top. In which I did.

After I had used my seed mix in a few samples, I then moved onto adding flower petals into the pulp mix, this was something I wanted to experiment with as an alternative way of adding a pop of colour into a card of gift tag. I specifically searched for a bright floral mix in order to do this and dried some of my own sunflower petals to add to the mix, which I thought was a nice way to get more out of them.

I left all my newly handmade papers to dry over night and came back to collect them the next day. Once the paper has dried the next step is to press them, this is to flatten them just a little more. However because I had added seeds to my paper I didn’t want to risk the seeds breaking or getting squished. Although this is the next step its not always necessary and actually, I found I prefer the texture to them, it adds more of a handmade touch.

The overall outcome with both my seed and floral handmade papers were good, I was more than pleased. However I discovered that with the seeded paper some of the seeds did pop out of the paper especially the larger seeds, perhaps if the paper was thicker there would be more of a surface for the seed to imbed itself in. In regards to the floral paper, as much as I love this and think the outcome is beautiful I don’t really think this style has a place in project this time, it is too delicate and does not blend with the 80s theme.


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