IG visit

So the time had finally come round and had come round a lot quicker than I had expected, but I was more than excited to present my work and get some feedback from Sarah to develop and take my designers further.

At first I was nervous because at times I don’t always have the words to explain what it is I am trying to say and worry that perhaps people may not see my thought process or intentions. None the less I presented and was happy with the outcome and felt like I left that day with some good constructive advice in what to do next and what to take forward.

Like previously suggested with my paper making workshop where I incorporated the flower petals into the paper and mentioned it did not work with the rest of the theme, this came up with the seeded paper. The seeded paper gave too much of a natural effect within the theme. However this is something I expressed I am keen to take forward as this is me taking my responsibility as a designer and having the intentions to create better environment. What I have taken from this is that, the seeds do not necessarily have to be in a paper format this can be just one potential way of incorporating the seeds into my collection, so since then I have been thinking about how I can still add this to my gift wrap collection but in an alternative way, some of the suggestions were that the seeds could be in a little pouch that they would then scatter. I have also thought about including the seeds into the design, where the seeds would act as a flock or foil but with seeds. I have also thought I could just include a sheet of seeded paper within the card that they could then take out and plant as and when they please.

Also within the feedback I received from both Irene and Sarah, it was suggested that the idea of saving the bees and increasing the population of the bees was not necessarily coming through with prints I had previously created. Which I do agree with, I now need to begin designing with the bees in mind so that I can bring this element forward as in theory is what the project revolves around.

So from this, I will now begin to design with the bees in mind and take elements from my research at Kew Gardens. I will also take a look into new ways of incorporating my seeds into my gift wrap collection and continue mark making throughout as this was something that was picked up on.


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