80s FUN

With all the marks I have created and the poppy I had drawn, I wanted to take this further into a screen and see these designs come to life.  First of all I started with the poppy, I had created a two colour screen, one where the poppies were all one colour with an outline as another and the other screen I created was with 4, an outline and then 3 other colours as the poppies, with the colours taken from my mood board. Between both of the screens I preferred the one with 4 colours I feel there was more of a fun vibe. Even though I liked the style and combination of the colours the overall print was not something I was happy with, there were unintentional marks that had come out into the print. This may of happened from when I had scanned my image in and perhaps picked up some dirt, this is something that I will take into consideration next time when photoshopping or developing my designs further. To ensure no marks are transferred over.


Following on from the experimentation of the poppies I went into my favourite way of designing and experimented with creating marks. I experimented using oil pastel, fine liner and gouche paints. I found that I like the oil pastel marks a lot more than the others and because of this I decided to take this technique further. With the marks chosen I took a few into PS and developed some by inverting the design so this would change the background and make the marks pop out.

Once transferred over onto a screen I began printing onto fabrics as of course this is my natural instinct. I really liked the colours I was using and got excited about working with colour.

img_3375With the designs I had created I experimented by layering the screens over one another, more so  with the designs that were inverted on PS. Together I feel I managed to create a fun collection of fabrics that represent my interpretation of the 80s.

The one I liked most is the layered marks created with all 4 colours of in my palette. I feel that this print here would make a good co ordinating print for my gift wrap collection.

Also within session of printing I experimented with flocking, this is a technique that I am keen to use and will continue to experiment and will make an appearance with my collection, I think it is a nice way of incorporating a texture and perhaps lifting a design; creating a subtle 3D effect.

As well as experimenting with fabrics I did also experiment with printing these onto paper using the flocking technique. I experimented using red and black paper. I started using blue flock onto red paper, but immediately found that the colour combination of the blue on red had changed the colour of the red background, making it appear pink.

I think If I was to use this paper throughout my project it would look inconsistent throughout, I want my gift wrap collection to be consistent and look like a collection. I don’t want parts to look like they belong elsewhere. This is definitely something I didn’t think I would of come across but is now some thing I will need to consider for the future If I wish to continue printing onto paper.

Although I am still very much in with the design process it is now at this point I need to begin thinking about the final product and begin to think where? what? and how? I will take these prints into the final gift wrap collection.



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