Clog Ruth Professional Practice

Todays professional practice was with Clojo who was this time last year in the same position as I am now, doing the same the same project and same brief as me, except today she was here to give a talk about her progress and development into her very own business.

Clojo has since started up her own business and uses the universitys incubation studio space where all her designs are created through her love of digital stitch. Today was a great professional practice,it was good because the tips that she could give us were personal and more than relevant, it is so great hear someone else’s journey and what makes it even more fun is that the journey is so close to home, because she literally has only just graduated and is all very fresh. I loved the dedication and passion that came through and am excited to see what the next step is for Clojo.

I also could see the change and the professionalism that came through in her talk, she wasn’t a student anymore she was a professional and marketed herself well with drop ins about Facebook, instagram etc. all things that help you get your name and your designs out there. Todays talk with Clojo was really helpful.


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