The time has now come round and I have to begin writing my dissertation and have found that through out some of my reading I have asked myself questions that I feel I am unable to answer, as much as I can try to understand peoples ways of life, their thinking and their values, I can not always comprehend what they are thinking and understand the reasons as to why some people do the things they do. So far I have found myself asking why more than once and digging  myself  a hole with questions and questions that lead to more questions. I suppose to a certain extent this is good because I want to get involved and I do find my topic of destruction within design interesting however I do find it to stay within the line.

Over summer I created a plan and structure that I could follow for when it comes to writing my dissertation and so far this has helped within the very first steps of writing my dissertation, however now I have started to write I have found that I have underestimated the importance of reading and I don’t feel I have sourced enough information for the points I am trying to make, I currently feel that my introduction is just a paragraph of me asking why? in perhaps some hope that someone will be able to answer it for me. However from this initial worry and panic that keep getting myself into I have decided to dedicate more time to reading to build a stronger argument throughout my dissertation topic to help conclude the questions I want to answer and more important to make it relevant to me and my practice. I want to become a better designer and be as ethical as I can and I feel that the way to do this is to read and then I will be able to apply these theories to me and my discipline.


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