Sustainable by design

After the worry of not having enough evidence to back up exactly what it is I want to say, I feel like I am slowly coming back out of that hole of questions I dug myself. The book sustainable by design, by Stuart Walker is Gold dust, virtually all the questions I have stumbled across have been put into perspective by Stuart Walker. The question that I initially struggled with, was who is to blame? can you blame the designer?  Originally I thought yes of course, to certain extent the designer is responsible for the designs they put out there and the damage they cause to the environment, but equally, consumers do have a part to play they are responsible for the product they choose to buy and then again what effect that has to the environment. My reading into sustainable by design suggests that the designer is held responsible, sustainable design is something we are virtually always aware of as a designer and because of this it naturally plays a part in the way we design and for the customer who doesn’t necessarily know much about the design process it is hard for the customer to want to pay an interest unless it is something they hold on a personal level.

From this reading it has helped clear up some of the questions I had and it has also helped me identify the problem and I have now begun the process of the potential ways of solving these problems with the help of stuart walker in rethinking material culture.



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