Market research

amongst my other research I have carried out for this project, today I took to the high street to see what was around and to of course gather inspiration for my on going development for IG. Today was a successful day for me to see where about my designs would fit in, in terms of the stationary and card shops I visited . The shops I visited in Cardiff today were, Paper chase, John Lewis, Scribbler and Urban Outfitters. Each all had there own similar distinct style depending on age and theme, and for urban outfitters it was obvious the cards chosen, were selected based on the style of the shop, which I thought was great because they manage to have that over all consistency of style. But for me and my theme for IG I can not see this style of design making a appearance.

However in scribbler I found much more of an interest in the style approach for my theme.


Above are the photos I took of the cards I came across in scribbler that I feel are the most relevant for my theme and development along the way. What i like most are the two with the simple mark making back grounds, this mark making concept defiantly applies to me and my work because throughout my research of the 80s seems to be continuous use of simple (yet effective) dots and marks. This here has finalised for me that I am on the right track towards designing and will continue to develop my marks with different tools.

Other than the marks created within the cards the repeat floral patterns are perfect for the style I am trying to replicate, the child like ‘kidults’ effect I am going for is coming through and again has pushed me to keep experimenting in this style rather than any other style.

Following on from my trip to scribbler I next visited John Lewis and what I liked about john lewis here is again this mark making approach, but how here it has been used to create almost a co ordinating collection and I also like how the brush marks have been used into a repeat for gift wrap.

Finally I looked into the obvious one Paper chase where it was here I found a card design with bold and bright colours on, similar to my colour palette, in previous stores I found similar style but the colour did not always come through as much as I thought it would of done. It was here in paper chase that I felt confident to continue and embrace my colour palette as before I had mentioned that my colour palette to a certain extent intimidated me.

From my trip into the city centre It has become clear that I have more market competitors, apart from Oliver Bonas and Hooray today being my main influences throughout this project, scribbler seem to be the most apparent for me in terms of marks and design in greeting cards.


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