Trip to London: Kew Gardens

Last week we were all sent on our way to London for inspiration to relate back to our current project for international greetings whether that may be visiting museums, art galleries, stationary shops etc. For me, my obvious choice was to visit kew gardens. My visit to Kew gardens would allow me to gather more information about bees with the hive bee system that monitors the bee activity through the sense of sound and light. The hive shows the bees working day the more the bees work the louder the sound and the more the lights flicker.

Above are some photos I took of The hive, the design of the hive was of course inspired by the natural beauty of the honeycomb itself but was designed of the geometric shaped becoming layered over one another. As well as this multi sensory design around the hive is surrounded by natural wild flowers that naturally would attract the bees, however unfortunately considering the time of my visit the wild flowers were virtually non existent which restricted me in terms of drawing whilst I was there, however there were plenty of other flowers I could take inspiration and photographs from.

For me this trip was eye opening because I did not realise all the steps that the workers put in to help the increase and awareness of bees, although theyThe have surrounded the area with wild flowers to attract bees they also help pick up the pace and help the bees with pollination. Below are the images that show how they help.

Overall my trip to Kew Gardens was amazing, It almost seemed impossible to go there and not get inspired, I learn’t so much about The hive and bees that I did not know before, I purchased myself some books from kew gardens about the different types of bees and flowers to continue to help me with the designing side of this project. The design of the hive is defiantly something that will be making an appearance throughout my development, I think it is important to catch the essence of the bees considering this is what my project is about and I also think it can be a nice subtle way of showing it.


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