Mark Eley visit

Virtually our first professional practice of the term was a visit from Mark Eley, a fashion designer that has taken his designs through to packaging to shoes. There is only really one thing to say about this talk and that was that I loved it, I felt so inspired and encouraged to get the ball rolling with our greetings collection for IG. What I liked most was the flash collection for vans, I love the monotone, black and white graphic print, It abled me to look into my work of mark making (which I very much love) and see that in some cases mark making can be just as powerful as a complex print, I was able to see more of a potential with the first initial drawings I have done for this project, they didn’t just have to be part of something, it can/could be the sole and heart of a collection.  I feel like he was a genuine guy that offered great advice and great ideas for our project and he made it real and made me even more aware of whats to come within the design industry and I honestly loved that.



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