Hyde park

As previously mentioned that over summer I have been thinking about exactly what it is I would like to do for IG, an unintentional trip to London got me inspired and had since played a massive part on the ongoing theme for this project.

Taking a trip to hyde park left me feeling so inspired, the great colour combination with all the flowers and the wildlife it attracted.  It was from then on I began to think in more detail what it was I would like to do and it was this, flowers that attract the wildlife. My main interest were the bees. This got me thinking about how I can create and design my collection for IG, knowing full well about the decline and importance of bees I knew I wanted to incorporate this somehow, whether that may be design to create awareness etc but was then that I had the idea of adding seeds to the design, not only does this add texture but it adds a gift to the chosen person and its also a good contribution to our environment.

In the above pictures I selected only a few of my favourite photos that I managed to take that day that I feel best represent my favourite colour combination, and that is the blue and red with a slight touch of colour coming from the other flowers. It was the blue and red that I want to make an appearance within the greetings collection.

My day out in London got me excited for the project for IG, it had overwhelmed me with colour and inspiration, it was great to see the potential of colour and how they can all work together, this was great for me because at times I can be intimidated by colour but the layout and style of colour within these flowers push me to want experiment with colour. It just seems perfect that the trend predictions for the upcoming years match my experience in London earlier this year and I will continue to use both sources of research if the design development of gift wrap/sheets and card.



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