Getting started!

Summer is now over and it is now time to get stuck into our new project for International greetings. To get involved with this project I began my research into colour predictions using WGSN. Following on from colour trend predictions, I also began to look into print and graphics trend predictions for the upcoming year(s).

So far this has been a huge influence to me for the beginning of this project, it has helped me finalise my colour palette and pushed me to get my colour board complete. The colour trends that kept appearing were bright intense colours – ‘The digital wave’ with an underlying 80’s theme through out. So because of this it only seems right to go with the bright and bold colours for future trends. For me usually working with bright colours is slightly daunting but for the right theme I feel these colours will work and will continuously inspire me through out this project.

The colour and print trend predictions so far have been great for me to focus and have given me ideas for the route I would like to take within this project. Due to the bright prints it seemed obvious for me to take the gift wrap collection for IG purely so I can indulge into surface pattern. After this it become more and more clear about what it is I would like to do.

What I would like to do?

After my research into colour and a long hard think over summer about what it is that I enjoy, I decided that I would like to create something that would have an on going effect, for me this was obvious. Due to the decline in bees and the impact that would have on us and our environment I wanted to make sure that this would be my main focus for this project and I will incorporate this into my designed gift wrap collection.

One of my interests is becoming more sustainable, so an idea for this is to recycle papers to create hand made paper that I can then add seeds within, the seeds that would then grow into flowers bees are most fond of. My plan is that this gift card/wrap would encourage people to grow their cards to have these flowers but also help the increase of bees.

To continue on with this I will continue my research on print trends but I will research into eco friendly cards/gift wrap and seeded papers, my research will also include a background about bees and the flowers they appeal too, this will hopefully then point me towards the direction of design and client profile for my gift wrap collection.


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