Tissue mark screen prints

As I have previously experimented with this print I created from my paper croquis design and failed, I decided to attempt this again because it was my favorite croquis and I did not want to just see it on paper. This time I was much more successful, this was because I took it into photoshop and darkened it so the print would be more prominent, I also inverted it in photoshop so I had both negative and positive designs in this print.

These prints succeed and I am more than proud of the outcome, I finally was able to develop my croquis into fabric and begin to create actual samples, these samples that I can then actually present and make my 1960’s vision clear. Using the flock and foils really helped tie in my theme and I am now on the road to completing a 1960s collection for a bar.

Above are a couple of my samples I have completed using the tissue design, using foils and flock, and using dyed fabrics. I am pleased that I came up with the idea of inverting this design because I have created two different designs that nicely coordinate well with one another. The positive white background with only small elements of flock on it own looks empty and needs something dark to partner up with, which is why I feel as a pair they work much better and power one another.

Throughout this project I have constantly spoke about the complimentary colours of blue and orange, which Is where I got my idea from to incorporate orange as an alternative colour way, however after experimenting with dyed backgrounds and foils, I do not feel this works. The tone combination doesn’t work and perhaps if I played around more I could get them to suit one another, however I feel as if it will be something for an alternative range not a different colour way.

If I could have the same colour orange as my foil I think I perhaps have a better chance in having them work together because I think the foil is nice colour way, but the dyed orange back ground is not for me or my collection and does not work with my chosen company and will not take this any further but will continue to find an different colour.

What I have found throughout these prints is that I have some how managed to create what I think could represent the surface the moon in the negative tissue print, which is perfect for my 1960s theme and is good experimentation because if it wasn’t for me playing on Photoshop I would of never come across this effect. Also with this effect it is another way to add background and slightly move away from complete white backgrounds.


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