Flat Brush marks

After creating my tissue marked prints I then decided I wanted to include my flat brush prints into a screen. So for today I managed to do this and experiment with more of my coloured backgrounds, using foils and flock.

Again I am really happy with these prints and feel like these are success and do pair up nicely with my tissue prints. The main outcome of this was that I managed to find my final colour way for my collection for the beginning of a wider range. I mentioned the orange really was not a success and I was not happy, I am glad I waited because this mustard yellow is perfect for a different colour choice because it works well with this collection but again can be taken further into a different collection, this is what I have really enjoyed with this project and my choice of creating textures, they can be adapted and used into different designs and the design has a longer shelf life, for me its like a classic design.

My next step from here is to continue to experiment with my final colour of mustard yellow and incorporate that into my other mark making prints and see where they will take me. I will continue to use flock and foils because that is what represents my theme the most.


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