Digital Stitch

In this project I am all about trying to recreate textures whether that be in the form of stitch, dye or print and I have recently found a new love for digital stitch I decided to use this technique as a way of creating a new textures in my collection.

At first I was slightly worried about what I was actually going to create on digital stitch as a lot of my work in this module is not necessarily hand drawn images or illustrations but instead I used my sketchbook as my influence and free hand drew lines on digital stitch, once I had completed I stitched it out and found that I really liked what I had created, even though this was just a continuous line of stitch I managed to get that simple sophisticated stitch that I can see part of as my collection.

I experimented using silver and metallic blue threads to help separate it from the white fabric but then I purely used silver threads and found this was more successful. My only problem with this was that I was limited to size with the machines I was using so I had to then move on over to the bigger stitch machine to create my 20×20 samples.

Once I moved on over to the other stitch machine I began stitching using my silver thread and again was happy with these results however the mistake I made was that I used paper backing for silk fabrics which meant that the paper was still visable even after it had been pulled off, so to complete this sample as part of my collection  I need to use dissolveable.


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