Bar and club influence

The research I have done for bars and clubs have shown me the appropriate materials I need to include and think about when it comes to my samples because my samples have to play a part and work within my chosen interior space.

My research has pushed me more towards flock, the use of flock and velvet have been a consistent theme running throughout clubs and bars, all that have been used to incorporate an element of design or pattern as I have found out that most of these bars are not overloaded with strong prints and if they are they are done minimal and subtle. I have also come across many bar interiors where they use a lot of textures, Goat in London being a prime example of texture, Matt and foiled combination all exactly what I am trying to include for my bar and theme. This keeping my on the right track and inspiring me to push my textured prints further to become flock prints or left as paper designs for wallpaper features.

The designs I have created would be a fairly large collection for my bar interior because as my research shows designs are done in small ways, so I will only selected a couple and let colour, minor textures do the talking in my space. Colour that will be shown through painted walls, dyed fabrics and in printed designs. The textures will be created through stitch such as pintucking, layered papers and some prints.

Alongside the use of fabrics I have also found lighting has had a huge impact on the overall interior space and of course this is the main thing that you expect to see in a club and what I find can help transform a place from day drinks to night out. So for me as my bar is to be sophisticated I want lights that bounce off the foiled elements of my designs and the lights to be kept in fairly limited spaces to keep it dark, the overall effect will be dark setting scenes of the space age and the influences from the dark space.


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