Alternative colour palette

At the moment for this collection I am very monotone and I am more than happy with that I feel I am best representing my theme and chosen company with this colour palette,  but at the same time I want to create an alternative range that still represents the 60’s but is much louder, so for this alternative colour palette it was only best I chose the psychedelic era for my colour inspiration, focusing on yellows, pinks and oranges. Perhaps the orange will work better for this range rather than my monotone palette representing the 1960’s space age.

Beginning to experiment with using different dye baths, as per usual I use tiny square samples and test what time works best for the colour I want, previously I have found that the dips to the five minute time range was most suitable but for this I wanted my colours to bright as possible which meant I leave my fabrics in for longer.

For these colours I used dyrect dyes because recently this has what has worked best on all fabrics, however this time I have found this was not the case, on the silks it did not work, I was left with soft pastel colours, which was a shame because this is what I have been using throughout, so for this time I have used cottons as that as taken better to the dye. If I want to continue to use silk fabrics I know I will have to use ACID dyes because from experience these have worked best for brighter colours on silk.

I have had playing around with these bright versions of my flat brush screen prints and believe I have captured the pop of the chosen psychedelic era of the 60s, more so in the pinks and yellows rather than the blue. The lemon yellow background and the blue print looks a little anemic and doesn’t pop like the pink and yellow, so for purely that reason I think it is best to make the decision and move on from the yellow and blue.

My favorite print out of these three is the pink with the yellow flock, the pink and yellow respond well to one another, it slightly changes and enhances the yellow flock making it appear more orange whereas on the grey with the yellow flock the grey fabric makes it look far more yellow and enhances it in a different way.

However through these experiments of my alternative colour palette I soon found that it was hard to get the same consistent colour throughout, I wanted to use pink on  a lemon yellow background but unfortunately we do not have any pink flock so my alternative option was to make up a pink pigment. Finding the brightest pink I could I mixed the colour and printed that onto the yellow background.

Unfortunately this did not work and it was very disappointing because I was pleased with a couple of my flock samples, but I have realised that it will be hard to create the same flock yellow and the same pink dye in a pigment because of this I feel this is the reason it hasn’t worked.

so with these I will continue to experiment with the flock colours because and dyed pink backgrounds in the tissue print as I feel overall these are the most successful prints.


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