Subject Reflection 2016

In comparison to my first year in subject this year has been a lot more intense, which is great. As bad as pressure can be, sometimes it is what I need and what I enjoy, this year subject has taught me many new techniques that will be beneficial for next year as a third year. At times I have found it stressful where every week there has been something new to hand in or develop and found I couldn’t necessarily get into the flow of experimenting with different and new designs, but equally it got me into the idea and habit to working to a weekly deadline, I believe this will help me keep on top of my work in third year and would hopefully leave me spare time to add or adjust things.

Working with a hypothetical design brief has also been great fun because I feel I was able to chose and interior company that I love and that I feel best describes what I am about and love. It also is a great way of keeping me within my regime and not wandering off to something else that does not relate to my topic or theme at all. I feel that the hypothetical design brief is all good knowledge and experimentation for when it comes to the design industry and working for other people, it is important to stay in the lines and have found this is great practice for me.

Subject really has allowed me to find myself in the sense of design, as a textiles enthusiast I find that I like everything and sometimes its hard to home in on these things especially when my specialty doesn’t necessarily lie within that area. This year in subject I have found that I am very textural and like to create textures through different mediums, I have found that I prefer to work in a sophisticated style rather than child like, line drawings.

Comparing to what I was like a two years a go I feel that this year subject has prepared me more for the design industry, whether that may be through presentations, group crits or the expectations of creating something, I now feel confident enough for third year and confident enough that I have abilities I can offer to other design companies.


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