Potential outcomes

I have had continuous amounts of fun learning and experimenting with digital stitch and can see myself using this software a lot more than I had ever thought that throughout this process I have started to visualise and think about where I can see my stitch designs, I feel they can work within interiors and fashion but Ideally I would like to see my patterns and designs in Morocco.

This lead me to think about designing and stitching for blankets, blankets that rest over the hump of the camel. Through my first hand research of riding a camel in Morocco and my secondary research of the blankets on the camels, they are all brightly coloured, geometric style patterns and got me thinking that this could be my potential outcome of this project to be created further down the line.

These patterns that I have come across through my research are all along the lines of what I feel I have been creating. So from my research I have began creating more samples, specifically more borders. My vision of my blanker is to be hand dyed fabric with a heavily embroidered border/banner that runs along the edge of the blanket. As of course I want the edge of the blanket to be noticeable I would like to create the borders heavy so that the design will always hang down. I also feel this corresponds well with the rest of the Moroccan style, walking through the square and coming across various amounts of woven scarfs, towels and blankets etc they were all very bright and creatively done but were always pleasant in style and not overloaded with too much design. Key aspect with what I am trying to create.

The only difference I feel I am changing is that these blankets that seem to be used for the camels are all woven textile and  I will primarily be focusing on cottons as my main source of fabric, this is because I want to stitch into these both using digital and hand. To stitch into a woven fabric my not necessarily give the effect I want.

Creating Borders.

Again using stitch to create the heavily embroidered edges of my blanket design idea, I used various stitch patterns and techniques including hand embroidery, french knots and using the fringed foot. Also using the same colours I have originally been using but including the yellow I previously experimented with.

Using lots of different stitch types took my vision out of my head onto fabric, I feel like I am at the beginning of finding out what it is I like and I am pleased with these results and I am certain that I am to create a heavily embroidered border, however I am sure that the border will not be as think as this one and the width would be more than likely halved.

I am also certain that I will include hand embriodery, this is because it adds a three dimensional effect and gives the effect of it being hand made and above all of my experiences in Morocco, man made objects, materials, clothes shoes etc was defiantly what I will remember Morocco as, so to capture that I will continue use these french knots and hand dyed fabrics.

I used the fringe foot within this design as the same reason for including french knots, I wanted to create even more of a dimension and texture to feel. I also felt it was important to use the fringe foot to represent the wear and tear of some blankets, although this may seem old and battered by the people who look after the camels, to me this is textiles and texture that I want to include and adds a story behind my experience.

Changing the width of the borders.

Adapting my design idea only slightly by halving the size of my borders so they are not so wide. I am pleased with how these have come out but feel that perhaps they need more design and more pattern to achieve the heavily embroidered effect. I will continue to add french knots but for now I am happy to of achieved an Ideal width to run around the edge.

What I like most about these is how on the second border I have personally frayed the edges to give the wear ‘n’ tear style, I feel like I have tastefully done this and will be  something I carry on through to the final outcome at a later date.

As I like the style of french knots and the hand rendered feel I am keen to include beading and perhaps beading. To be experimented with.


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