Field Reflection 2016


During my experience of second year I truly believe Field has been the best part of my year, taking part in AYSC (are you sitting comfortably) before christmas and then starting 2016 with my second Field module, Morocco. Both have been incredible in their own ways but I have found myself a lot more explorative since these modules.

Starting with AYSC this was the most daunting because I was completely out of my comfort zone in the sense that I haven’t really made any 3D or even drawn in 3D let alone producng a final chair, but it was one aspect of interior design I wanted to dabble in and see perhaps how product design handle interior and their approach to interior design in comparison to a textiles approach. Through out this project it was very hard but I did manage to learn new techniques. More importantly I thought it was extremely beneficial to work with a client, to work for a client and cater to their perception for this final chair was fun and found excitement in trying to create something completely unique and represented them and their favorite experiences. This defiantly is something that I hope will occur again within my time as a textiles designer, I am grateful that I manage to gain the experience of this within a different discipline so I could now hopefully apply the knowledge and skills I have learn’t to other clients and appeal to wider circle of people in the future.

Morocco – This slightly different from my first Field module because I was in my element, surrounded by colour and original textile techniques, I was showered with inspiration. What I took most from this experience was becoming open minded about how textiles has an effect on people, rather than patterns looking pretty, there always seems to be something that lies much deeper, whether that be the texture that people can relate to an experience or that the patterns I saw represented a religion or belief. I know try to look deeper into design and try to create a story within my designs. Also from this Morocco trip I felt it had brought the textile girls together and have really started to create a good friendship, not only from textiles but across other disciplines such as illustration, similarly  to AYSC finding out what it is they will take from the trip and how they will apply their experience into their discipline and seeing if there is a technique I like that they could guide me through and apply to my own discipline.

I have found these Field modules have created connections across the art school and opened doors I may need to return to at later date whether that may be for dissertation topics or my degree show exhibition.


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