Field and Subject Reflection 2016

As a combination of both Field and Subject I feel certain aspects have worked nicely alongside each other when it comes to preparing me as a textiles designer and as person. To work out of my comfort zone is a great example how sometimes I may not always want to design what I like but I have gained that knowledge that adds another dimension to my abilities as a designer. It also has allowed me to work as part of a team, how I can apply my discipline and my textile knowledge to another aspect of design and inform people what techniques are out there, great experience for interior design.

My experience in AYSC gained me the confidence in asking tutors and peers for additional comments towards my work in order to make it better and lead to more ideas and potential outcomes, this comes from working with a client and asking them what it is they like. Having the confidence to ask why? what can be done? What do you like? etc and having the ability to take on the answers because in AYSC I had no choice, the outcome was to produce something that represented them and they liked, both modules have worked well with one another in that sense because it is generally something that will always reoccur and beginning to work on the response and how I can channel the responses into better more successful designs.

My trip to Morocco worked well with subject because it was an element that was in my discipline and was able to take all my inspirations into my own practice and as Morocco was very much a textile trip I was able to try new things on my return home. I found a new love for dye, experimenting with natural dyes has lead me to involve myself into new projects whether they are included with uni or dye projects I have researched and want to experiment with myself. The love I have gained from natural dyes have made me review using other dyes in a different way such as, What is more sustainable? what is beneficial? what is practice is more convenient when dying fabrics? natural or synthetic? these type of questions have opened up a new way of analysing fabrics and picking the best for dye for the right person or the right type of furnishings. It has also inspired me and lead me to the idea of destruction within design, that will be the bulk of my dissertation in third year.

The combination of both Field and Subject have opened up new areas for me in research, become more resourceful and began to think about design deeper and further and has opened different areas of design that I can apply my textile knowledge too.


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