Camels borders

Throughout my time in stitch room I have found myself developing deeper into the morocco spirit more so than before, although I have experimented with the dyes from morocco and found a whole new love for natural dyes, it is through stitch I feel I am managing to tie in all my experiences from morocco and really capture the feel of Morocco.

As mentioned previously that my stitch camel design looked slightly lost and bare, through stitch I began to add borders of different Morocco inspired stitches on the machine. Sticking with my colour palette of blue and orange, here was the perfect opportunity for me to bring in other colours, for this I brought in a dark yellow,  I feel this colour compliments the others well and is also a true representation of Morocco, from the sun to the brightly coloured pots I remember  from Majorelle gardens. To add in another colour opened up the door to many other designs and extending the colours and designs of my camels.IMG_2049

All though these stitch lines are fairly simple, I feel they complete the sample. I selected the stitches carefully by briefly experimenting on a piece of fabric the stitches I liked and represented Morocco the most.

Once I had trialed a few, I then chose my favorites and combined them all to get border that closed the design. Even though this design is closed, I still think it has potential to become a repeat pattern, however my only worry with this is that if this was to become a repeat pattern I would have to think of an alternative solution for this design, this is because the amount of time it would take to stitch out a large continuous print and the amount of threads it would use to finish it. Nevertheless It is not to say I am not inspired by the way this has worked, I would simply take this design into a screen, PS or illustrator in order to save time and threads. This is an alternative route for a large pattern and would be ideal, but as I have enjoyed the stitch route within this project I will still continue to include stitch, not only because I love it but because I feel it best represents my time and influences from Morocco.


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