Background patterns

Slightly moving on from my camels and the borders, I have started to include stitched backgrounds with my designs and I couldn’t be happier. I am pleased with the overall outcome of including stitch within the background as I was initially worried that it would overpower the camels but as a whole they work well together and would work well together as a collection of designs.

Using my sketchbook as inspiration from my drawings, I took one design and translated it into digital stitch. This took longer than I thought, the straight lines and the star shapes first of all looked untidy and looked as if it was a scribble but as I began to experimented I came across buttons that would line shapes in perfectly line and duplicate them so every shape was the same size. This transformed my design and brought it up notch.

Initially I had just completed the Moroccan style pattern in blue, but felt like it needed more, on its own it did not really suggest and exciting pattern that I could take further so from my most successful camel stitch I then copy and pasted this into the pattern and altered the size of the camel. I feel that the camels gave the design more depth and followed on my story of Morocco.

First of all I experimented stitching this pattern onto calico purely because I wanted to make sure there was no errors when it came to stitching out onto my hand dyed fabrics. Once completed I found there were no stitch errors and was ready to move on to my final dyed fabrics, however the only thing I was concerned about was that it looked too much like a motif design and wanted a continuous pattern. So I asked Maggie for help and she had suggested to have a continuous pattern that I needed to move on to the Brother, larger stitch machine.

As suggested I edited my design to further the pattern and moved over.

At first I found this machine incredibly daunting but then soon found myself excited and pleased with the results it created. I am pleased with this final design but as previously noted it is a very time consuming process of creating a repeat pattern, this design taking 1 hour and half. Throughout the stitching of this design I found myself comparing the pros and cons to the other, smaller digital stitch machine, this machine had a mind of its own and was able to cut threads itself leaving no trace of where I had started, so this technically solved time for me once it was completed. The only minor problem I had with this was trying to figure out how to re thread the machine when the thread had snapped, but this is only a temporary problem as I am certain the more I use this machine the better and more confident I will become.


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