more camels

Using my sketchbook and my drawings I decided to take a different version of my camels further into digital stitch and think about how I could take a singular drawing into a pattern using stitch. Using my basic outline drawing, I was happy to take this further into a pattern and was amazed at the difference it created when I added different fills, such as motif, weave and embossed fills. Combining them together created different textures that I felt you wanted to touch and feel which was great because this is what I like to create within textiles.

Within my first attempt of this camel pattern I did come across few problems but was easily rectified and then stitched again using my hand dyed fabrics. I now have a couple different styles of  a camel design and have found the this one the most successful. In the style of a drawing I do not like it but when it is in the form of textiles in stitch I am more happy with the outcome.

IMG_2045 These are my camels mid stitch and after I adjusted them from the first attempt, the things I changed were the outlines on the camels with the motif fills. After realising from my first digital stitch that to have a fill, the motif fill needed an outline to create the pattern in full effect, on this attempt I decided to have the outline as a different colour to the attern inside and found it really did not work, it looked messy and at points it overlapped, so on this sample I decided  to keep the camel full and tidy by having the outline the same colour as the rest of the camel.

Although I am happy with these samples and I like the camels I still feel like the camels need something more, it looks empty and feel like the design needs something more. My plan to try and complete these pieces is to go back and add more stitch patterns, particularly the patterns I first began to use in my samples and spoke about in my presentation, I think this will help tie it all in together, fill the space and not make the space look so daunting. I am also now beginning to think about background, I have experimented with the shibori background but considering I am enjoying digital stitch and i am happy with the sample outcomes, I want to think about how I can include a stitch background that is not to heavy for the camels and also represents morocco. My ideas for this are to include the Islamic patterns I saw multiple times around morocco and create them using a basic stitch and in some areas a satin stitch, this way it shouldn’t be too heavy to include the patterns over the top.


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