Morocco colour samples

Following on from my colour experimentation’s I started to dye larger samples that I can then later stitch into or manipulate. During this I wanted to keep some larger pieces of fabric plain and some geometric, this was so there were varied amounts of style and pattern throughout a small collection of design. Using my colour experimentation as a guidebook, I selected the colours I liked the most and  followed that through as my recipe to my coloured backgrounds.

Starting with the sandy/orange colours, I dipped some in the dye bath, left others in for 20 minutes and folded some up to create an unpredictable pattern. The main objective of using shibori for this project was because I wanted to create some samples that could represent morocco in a different way. The other side of morocco I wanted to create was the geometric patterns that play a massive part in moroccan culture, so this was defiantly not an aspect of morocco I wanted to ignore considering my project is around cultural collaboration and influences.

Above are the final pieces of plain and shibori pieces I created from today, I am happy with how they have turned out and more than pleased with the shibori samples, I feel that the blue square shibori sample worked out best and did capture part of that geometric essence. I am also pleased that I have managed to create a varied pink palette of dyed samples and now have began to include the blue with some of my sand colour pinks to start to visualise how these would work together as a pair. Also using different types of cottons also helped me bring in texture to my work, the barkweave cotton gave a different dimension to the other basic cottons I had chosen and found that the blue particularity worked well on the barkweave cloth in comparison to the cotton and some other silks. I felt the barkweave managed to soak up more colour.


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