morocco colour experimentation

After a couple weeks of practice I have found I am much more confident with the dye baths, I am able to create a mix dyes to suit my colour palette. Today I have spent the majority of the day sampling colours in the dye bath ranging from a dip in the dye bath to 20 minutes in the dye bath and as per usual I found the colours did not turn out as expected, but this was exactly why I did this before hand so I could find the colour that worked best.

I started with an acid orange dye, I was pretty confident that this was going to work because I had previously experimented with this type of dye, however I was wrong and this was perhaps I experimented using silks and this time I was using cottons. I found that the colour that was supposed to be orange was infact yellow. which was a shame because the dye powder looked like the perfect colour. Moving on I experimented with another type of orange to capture this moroccan style but instead of using acid dyes I used dyrect dyes and found this far more successful. After selecting my colour of a rust brown, I started to play around with different timings in the bath to vary the colour dimensions in my samples. Once I was more than happy with this colour palette, I began dying some larger pieces of fabric. Even though I was comfortable with this colour I still wanted to see if I could capture morocco in a different colour, knowing that dyrect dyes worked best I continued to use this type of dye for my fabrics, I next mixed two colours of cherry red and lemon yellow to get and orange overall, I was pleased with the colour outcome and found that the lemon yellow did tone it down however onto fabric I was not satisfied, unless the fabric was dipped in the bath for a short period of time.

Towards the end of the day when I was satisfied with the orange sandy tones I wanted to create from my experience from morocco, I began to experiment with the blue dye baths to pair the two colours together, to form a collection of colour. Again similar to the original orange, the blue labelled ‘royal blue’ came out far lighter than I had anticipated where as the bright navy came out the colour I was after this bright navy managed to capture the majorelle blue that morocco is famous for. With my colours finally selected, I am now able to go ahead and begin dying larger pieces of fabric and experiment more with shibori techniques. Throughout this process I have learn’t that these colours have a mind of their own and it is more than important to practice and experiment because the colours in the pot and the description may turn out completely different.


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