silk painting

During the dyed stage of my fabrics, I decided to experiment with some silk painting designs, this was so I can get the exact colour I saw from a bottle to silk, this was how I ended up getting the final colour of grey into one of my samples. It was direct and was easy to get the colour I wanted.

I continued to play around with creating different textures and patterns with my silk paintings and I am pleased with some of them, the only issue I faced when creating these silk paintings were where the contact between water and the paint began to bleed into one another, for some this was a great effect and looked nice, however sometimes i could not avoid it and it did ruin some of my samples. To avoid this happening I would have to avoid using water and the paint, however to get the pale colour of blue I wanted water was my main ingredient.

What I also found a slight inconvenience when it came to producing just a plain background colour was that I began to pick up marks from the brush or table, this was good for perhaps just an alternative simple design as I am purely working with textures for this project but was not good or convenient when I wanted a overall flat colour.

Silk painting samples:

The main reason I began to use silk painting as a new technique to replicate some of my patterns and textures stemmed from my sketchbook. In my sketchbook I have been working with paints such as gouche and watercolour to create this watered down bleeded effect and knowing that I wanted to work with silks, this was an obvious choice for me to experiment with. Directly taking my sketchbook work into silks.

I believe that some of these samples will work nicely alongside my over designs I have already created but I equally feel that they begin to look like the start of another type of collection, I feel it still remains in the theme but I don’t feel it would blend in as well with the others, I think these have more of a soft touch where as my screen print designs are bolder.

It was good experimentation when it came to creating these designs because it worked for the best but it is all about continuing to experiment to now see how I can combine and work both aspects of print to work together as a collection.



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