colour samples

Following on from dying my fabrics, I decided to then begin to bring them to life with the designs that would actually appear in my bar. To make my theme more apparent, I will be using the appropriate materials and techniques. The technique that will remain prominent is foiling, I want all my designs to be foiled either in a silver or blue, this is so they work with the fabric colours and with eachother. I have experimented with them both and are happy with the results.

A few of the textures I transferred onto a screen were unsuccessful and did not come through the screen as clear and crisp as I wanted, however this is ok as for some of them you would not be able to tell, but for a final croquis design, they are not the best. So my next step to resolve this is to touch them up and make them darker so that the shape and outline is bolder and will be transferred through to the screen easier.

Print experiments using foils:

The rubbings that worked best and came out the most successful were the rubbings I created from the leaves in my back garden (line design) and the second most successful was the rubbing from the chair, as shown in the final image. Within these experiments, I am happy with the way they have turned out and I am beginning to visualise these in a bar.

My next plan is to play around with negative and positive space when it comes to one of my designs, this is so I can the potential of both outcomes and how they would work together or on their own. This has come from the inspiration of chairs I have seen in bars and from my CAD designs I have previously created.



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