Natural vs Synthetic

During the beginning of this term I found an all new love for dyes. After my trip to Morocco I couldn’t help become inspired by the sandy, orange tones that surrounded me. I just couldn’t wait to come home and experiment creating those colours. To begin with I used synthetic dyes to create these colours and found they worked well, however I started to experiment with natural dyes, using a range of vegetables and fruits to find what fruits and vegetables would best represent the colours in Morocco.

Throughout this exploration it is clear to me that this is something I am interested in, within my research of various mordants and fixatives I have found the true ingredients to all dyes whether that is natural or synthetic, some which came at shock.

As my dissertation will focus on sustainability and destruction within design this is something I am keen to incorporate within my dissertation that works closely alongside my discipline. I feel that this element within textiles that will highlight an example of both natural and synthetic pros and cons to becoming more sustainable as well as all other design practices.


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