Destruction within design

To begin the process of my dissertation I have thought about what it is I like most and feel inspired about when it comes to writing thousands of words on something. I am of course most interested in textiles and textiles design so this will be an element or chapter within my dissertation, but above all of that I feel destruction within design is key and this is what my dissertation will prioritise. I want to find out more that will better me as a designer, how I can enhance my environment and my practice by becoming more sustainable. I want to find out whether destruction within design is inevitable? and more importantly if it is inevitable, what can I do as a designer and consumer to become more sustainable.

Some of the areas I will cover are:

  • Textiles – Natural vs Synthetic dyes
  • Textiles – Fabric processes e.g silk
  • Future Design – New practices
  • Destruction within design
  • Creative destruction
  • Gaia Theory – Eco-system and food chains



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