Coordinating textures and prints

As I have previously expressed my interest for creating textures through stitch, I now want to see how my designs would work as a whole within a bar, I do not want my bar to look like a play ground area of various amounts of textures that don’t work, it is important all designs co ordinate and work well with one another to create an overall experience and effect but it is equally important these designs again can speak for themselves. I feel at this moment in time it is about balance and selecting the correct designs for my final 6. These designs would also work along side a distinctive print such as some of my croquis designs.

Using mark making and stitch skills I was able to come up with a small simple collection that begins to look like they work together in any combination even though they are in a plain  colour way, the colours that I wish to introduce such as the grey and blue that  help capture the essence of 60’s it will work nicely along side this without it clashing too much.

Here is another example of how my I have started to introduce my croquis designs to my existing textures in print and stitch. I have especially found within this project that it is easy to get lost and carried away within your designs and begin to create something that is more to a personal preference not a companies preference but believe that these designs work with zinc textile ideas and motives, instead of capturing the essence of the 1970’s, these samples captures the essence of the 1960’s.

Beginning to incorporate my later influence of architecture and geometric influences from the 1960’s to again see how these would work alongside each other, I feel like these samples are coming along well and the evidence of blue to coordinates with the rest of the design. The use of paper croquis are especially a good way for me, a developing designer to visualise prints and patterns coordinating and I am sure that the textures created from rubbings and taken further into screen to the textures created from stitch will work well with the more eccentric geometric prints.

From this I will take my designs into C.A.D to visualise how these work within my interior space and hope they can fill and create the experience I want within a bar.


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