Colour Theory

Throughout this part 2 of subject the introduction to colour theory has helped me understand the designing process a lot better. Understanding what colours work well with one another especially, complimentary colours, they have helped me work with alternative colour ways or for a bold and eccentric coordinate.

Colour theory has also broadened my horizon to including background colours, the effects and difference it can make but also how you can change and intercept a colour to work  for you by adding white or black to create various tints and shades. One colour can have so many dimensions for design, the colour created can have a wide effect for a interior or fashion piece. I have found their is more to choosing a colour then you think, I have found this especially when choosing a complimentary colour for the blue in my interior space, I have found it hard to re create throughout water colour or gouche, sometimes a colour selection goes a lot further then making a chosen colour, silvers, golds and metallics have to be somehow added.

I have also learn’t colour theory throughout my C.A.D visuals, choosing a room where I thought the colour would match and work well to it actually developing my designs further.


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