C.A.D Visuals

For my next and final task of visualising my designs, I have attempt to create C.A.D designs. This is a brilliant way to see your designs work as a collection, sometimes I find that having various samples of designs presented can look overpowering even though they are coordinating designs having them directly next to one other looks to much, so using this is a good way to actually see if they are overpowering or if they do generally work well.

As suggested by the brief to use a minimum of 3 coordinating designs I began with these three. The developed version of the initial building using smaller scale and the two coordinating patterns.

bar 2

Firstly, I began with the largest wall, using this as my feature wall for design. I wanted to fill this with my blue colour way of the flat brush, I decided to use the blue as the background of the wall was already blue these two would combine, from this I have found that another colour way is created and have given this design more depth in which I am pleased with.

I then used my sample of the tissue mark making for the carpet. I feel this to has given it more depth to the room and to my design. This design was one I was worried about purely because the majority of the other croquis consist of line in some form or another but I can now see this is not a problem. I can see more potential for this design to be taken through to a screen and used for flock. Looking at this C.A.D visual and how this croquis has appeared, it gives that velvet, rich feel and this is something I want to create. Using flock is a technique that could create a velvet touch but could be used in other elements of a bar, such as cushions or chairs.

Finally the last thing I used within this visual was my building design and used that to create a layer over the light bulbs. This would give unusual lighting to the room, showing blue areas and some clear but works perfectly with the existing colour on the light -rose gold. This is something I have been trying to recreate through the research of my colour theory and working with complimentary colours, I believe it works best with lighting rather than a direct colour of orange or rust. These tints and colours are very hard to create through basic mediums.

How might my designs look in other interior spaces?

Although I am specifically looking into night clubs and bars for my interior design research and my C.A.D designs are best of set in these interior spaces I thought it would be a good idea to see how a couple of my designs would work in another interior space, such as a living room.

Again using virtually the same designs to my bar visual apart from one I decided to see how this would look in a living room. My response to this outcome not so positive.

room 1

In regards to this visual I have found that it does look like it is too much. I like to think that the chair and the wall work together but the rug does not compliment the room.

I am unsure whether I feel like this is due to the other effects that the bar has given my designs and that because this is just a white room that the designs appear more flat and not as textural, or if it is because it just generally works better in a bar.

This has made me aware of background. I want experiment more of my designs with back ground colours, I feel that this will make me a better designer by having more of a selection and it will open up more of choice to clients whether that may be interiors for a bar or for a bedroom.

Using C.A.D visual has allowed me to see how my designs work as a collection and has opened up more possibilities with my designs. My C.A.D skills at the moment are to be developed but it has been a good experience for me within photoshop and visualising my designs.


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