Screen print designs

After designing my final croquis designs, I decided to take these further into a screen print design, experimenting with foils and pigment. I particularly wanted to focus on using foils as for me I feel this best represents the 1960s trying to include an element of the space age.

Some designs had worked better than others in terms of the foil. Some came out more prominent and sharp where as some others were slightly broken. I feel that these design ideas have a long way to go, they did not came out as expected but it was just an experiment as to what they may look like. I played around with using an complimentary colour in foil and feel like it worked well with the dark blue. However I did find it hard trying to replicate the same blue I had created in gouche. The blue that I did create was too much of a pastel blue, it needed that element of grey and when adding black to create that shade, it would just go too dark.

What I also liked about using foils in this process was the design left within the foil, this could equally act as an element of design within my interior place. I think it would work well considering a bar works closely with lighting, I believe that the design left in foil could work alongside lighting effects well.

My next step from here is to develop my designs into a better more professional aspect, these are not worthy of final designs, but were a good indication as to whether I want to carry them on. I will now experiment more with these, more within the silver foil to what I can create from the foil and the design left in the foil. I would also like to experiment more with a background colour and the moment I feel the white background is washing the design out.



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