Croquis and coordinating designs

To start off the design process within my chosen theme, we began with croquis. These are small versions of what we intend our final designs to look like within fabric, these can range in sizes but for me, I stuck with 20 x 20. These designs can either take place in a digital format or by hand, but as my colour theory was completed with water colour and gouche paints, I too decided to develop any hand painted skills I have and use them within my croquis designs with potential development later on within a digital process, but for now, this was where I was going to start.

When I first started this process, I had hit a wall especially within my chosen theme as I was primarily focused on textures and mark making and  was unsure how I could develop any drawings I had. The drawings I had in my sketchbook did not appeal to me as a final design I could develop further, however from a little help and guidance from Sally, I had borrowed a book from the 1960s. This book opened up many options for design from the geometric design to architecture. I took one image from the book – 1960s halls of residence and used that as my starting point.

The designs that I created involved me drawing one alternative design in multiple ways. I wanted to come up with a variety of one design so I could pick the best final design to co ordinate along side other designs that would fit and work together in bar/club. I believe that designs worked well and pushed me in the right direction to find a print that would work within a bar, as much as re creating texture is my main aspect for this I believe having an element of print would give the room something more.

I used the same colour blue throughout my designs to keep consistency. The blue is made adding white creating a tint, but also adding grey to deepen the colour. After speaking to Sally again on another 1-1 tutorial we spoke about including an complimentary colour to work along side the blue. I experimented with orange in alternative colour ways and colour chips. (see technical file) but decided these colours are too much and the complimentary colour would be used throughout the hard furnishings within a bar such as a rose gold within the lighting or seat frames. 

My biggest problem for me now was to create alternative designs, as I am sure I do not want to over power the interior with so much print and pattern my next step was to experiment with co coordinating patterns. I began trying to re create textures I had created through fabric such as using the pleater in stitch by drawing lines however this didnt work as much as I had planned, so I looked at alternative ways of mark making.

The first image I used grey gouche paints creating this design by screwing up tissue paper and dabbing around my paper, the second was created using a flat brush, using the end of my brush to create different thicknesses of line and creating a pattern.

The third was my attempt at recreating my textures from the pleater in an abstract form, this was created by folder paper, painting the edges and repeating on paper. The forth coordinating design was again created using gouche paint. I created this design by painting the edge of a ruler and dragging it across my page. I feel that these designs as a four may clash but with one or two with and my original print of the building, I feel they can work well, but an alternative colour design of  a couple is ideal, just due to preferences, a consistent colour of grey may be too much.

Again using the same blue to keep up the consistency, I created an alternative colour way for the flat brush design. Keeping it within my colour palette so that all designs could work together.


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