Turmeric Natural dyes

The final dye I have experimented with before my deadline from the morocc the trip, is turmeric. I used this dye in the hope I would capture some of the colour from morocco as well as using a spice that could represent morocco. However similar to the mixed berries they did not capture the colours of morocco instead they created a bright sunny yellow, a colour I am pleased with but was unable to capture my true inspiration from trip.

These are a few of the samples I produced with turmeric. Finding my love for shibori again I carried on some experimentation. The first image on the left I screwed up into a ball and pinned, this idea came from reflecting back on the photographs i took in Morocco of the chipped and crumbled walls. I also experimented using pins, but were unsuccessful in the process due to the fact they did not resist as much.

In this process of natural dying I found that the colour seemed to remain the same; leaving a couple of the dyes in for 4 minutes and then leaving some others in for 4 hours, the third picture you see is silk, I believe that the photograph taken does not give it justice but has worked really well on this fabric, I think this is because of the natural shine you are given within silk combines well with a bright yellow.

I have really enjoyed myself experimenting with natural dyes and I beginning to have a nice little book of natural dyed samples. Each are dated so that over time I am able to see which colour has held the longest and which colours haven’t. As only natural home supplies have been used for the mordant in this I am intrigued to see how salt can preserve a dye within fabric over time. My next mission I would like to carry out is using chemical mordants to fix the dye as I am aware that this does also have an effect on the colour, it would be good to combine the two elements. I have a lot to learn and am keen to continue this process.


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