Mixed berries natural dyes

Following from my natural onion dyes, I decided to experiment with mixed berries, I am aware that I will not get the Moroccan colours from these fruits, however I am thoroughly enjoying the natural dye process and wanted to see the colours that could be produced from these berries.

This is one example of the berry dye experiment, I am pleased with the outcome of these. But after leaving them to dry over the radiator the radiator did leave imprints on the IMG_0660fabric, this was not intentional however it did encourage me to do some shibori with the left over dye and some pre prepared fabric to soak and leave over night.










What I like about the natural dying process is that the colours are not consistent and the duration of the fabric in the dye creates a big impact.

IMG_0661As you can see here the colour has gone from a pink to a purple from leaving it over night.


The shibori technique is defiantly something I will continue to carry out through out the natural dying process just because I think you can carry out some beautiful patterns and visual textures. However my worry for this especially in the duration of this project, is that I am creating the wrong scene by creating these patterns.

But I have been keeping all these samples in a sketchbook with all the times, fabrics etc to refer back to at a later date to continue experimenting.


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