Natural Dyes – Gwen Fereday

After reading this book to begin my research for natural dyes I have found it very interesting in the idea that they don’t seem to be so natural or that perhaps I have a missed conception of natural dyes. The majority of these recipes seem to consist of chemicals to produce the colour or to fixate the colour (mordants). At a later date this process will be something I will experiment with to compare with natural dying from plants, vegetables etc.

I feel very much like a beginner with the various amounts of mordants, to learn each of their qualities, processes and colours will take some time, but am equally slowly learning that not all are necessary, fixatives to fix the dye can be found more naturally in vinegar and salt, as one of my worries found through reading this book is how will I source these chemicals/mordants?

Due to my worry of sourcing some of these mordants I will continue to experiment with natural dyes using vegetables and spices, in the hope to capture the essence of morocco. Starting tomorrow with onion dying, using recipes and advice I have researched online. I am intrigued to see how this experiment will turn out, I am aware that the colours may not come out as expected or that they will vary every time due to the age and colour of skins, however I will record my method and progress throughout this process shown in a technical file.


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