My inspiration

During my time in Morocco I became mesmerised by so many parts of morocco, including the culture, patterns and colour. However the thing that stood out for me most was the narrow streets and geometric style rooftops, I loved looking over the rooftops and seeing different heights and style of buildings. The other thing that I truly became in love with was the colour of morocco. The pink/sandy type buildings that ran throughout the city was defiantly going to be something I take from my trip and incorporate into design. For me the bright tiles and patterns were amazing but were too loud to take further into an idea or design.

After having a tutorial in morocco with Alexandros I was told to look further into homogeneous colours, in which means the same colour but various shades and tones of the colour. My plans are to experiment with this through using dye baths and the pigments I have bought in Morocco.

Following on from that tutorial was my next tutorial with Helen and we spoke about the various ways I could incorporate stitch within my designs etc. The main focus of this tutorial was the buildings and creating an urban city effect through the likes of photoshop and illustrator, using the photos and drawings completed in Morocco also combining both elements of stitch and digital, visually creating texture.


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