Devore print

To follow on with our ideas with the devore print for our chair, I carried out a few samples in devore and screen print in different materials. I experimented with white on white screen print however I think because the squares had too much of a surface area it looked too much of a bright white and didn’t give the effect I had hope for and decided that it was best to rule out this.

Next I experimented with a range of materials for devore on the thursday with the intentions to heat set them on the monday, however our print tech did this for me and the samples had failed and then he got rid of them so unfortunately I do no longer have these prints, due to this and the long process it takes to get some devore paste I did not have time to experiment again and further print the length for the chair, so me and partner decided it was best to rule out this idea and continue with our sourced materials of the curtains, which we gathered through the use of social media.


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