Chair measurements

To kick of the progress with the chair cover, we had to measure several parts of the chair in order for the seat to fit and work securely. This became a lot harder than I had thought due to the position of the chair and the curve. We had to work out angles so the canvas would fit closer to the wood.

Once we got the measurements of the chair it became easier all that was to do now was to construct the seat cover. I felt this was easier because i was more familiar with the construction side rather than the mathematical side. From here we need to come up with a way to close the ends on the seat cover, but I want the finish of the stitches to be neat so if i can I would like to avoid using hand stitching.

However as I was half way through this process and the mock up in calico and canvas was working well, our chair again has had some slight changes to the back to make it more sturdy, so this meant the measurements originally taken will have to be adjusted as it is slightly smaller. Once this has been done I am able to crack on with the final which I am confident will work well.


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