Full scale model

Today was a successful day as well as an unsuccessful one. The morning begin with collecting card to start our full scale model, once found we begin to make our life size model this was fairly easy due to the fact that we had our measurements worked out already, all we had to do at this point was adjust the width measurement as we found on the 5th scale it was too wide.

We had completed this and our next task was to figure out how the fabric was going sit and cover the sail. As the project has gone on we have come across many ways of how this could work, however we do need to book an appointment with Maggie to discuss the most practical and logical way of fitting this.

Once completed this left the afternoon for me to print these designs for the chair and left Tim to complete all measurements and adjust things on the design suggested by Martijn that morning ready for the CNC router.

Full scale: model 1

I had completed a few rough prints and found that it looked nicer on the lightweight fabric if we were to do white on white, however half way through this our client had spotted our chair and decided that he did not like aspects of the chair and noted what he would like to see, so together we begin to re evaluate the design of the chair. This became frustrating because we were on top of our design and we’re only left with finishing touches. However we are both aware that this type of thing does happen in the industry so the best thing to do was to crack on with it by re-designing slightly and pleasing our client but making sure we meet our own given brief.

As he mentioned he preferred an asymmetric design, we removed and angled some elements of the chair, however our biggest worry with this was the stability of the chair as we previously had problems, we then worried that if we were to remove pieces the stability would again disappear, but until the life sized model we will not be able to address this if this is a problem.

After slightly changing our chair  all that is left to do now is to create another life sized chair which we will complete on Thursday this will allow for us to see if any problems will occur with our new adjusted version. After this I plan to continue with the prints and begin the devore samples and then start the final print to cover the chair.




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